Singapore Will Take Part in International Architecture Exhibition

Singapore will be one of the 88 participants from 37 countries at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition also known as Biennale Architecttura this year to be held in Venice, Italy. It is coming back to the exhibition after a four year break. It is going to be Singapore’s fifth time showcasing its architectural wealth in the exhibition.

At the exhibition, Singapore’s Pavilion will be presenting Space to imagine, Room for Everyone. This exhibition aims to show the role of its citizens in the planning of the city and a harmonious and creative society. It will present architecture as a collective effort of the general public and the architects Singapore has. The theme of the exhibition is Reporting from the Front.

The exhibition will have three parts namely People and their Homes, People Engaging the City and People Working the Land. These parts aim to show the inherent creativity in the domestic life of people that has helped make the city-state extraordinary. The exhibition will also depict the many initiatives taken by the local people to help shape the environment and make it sustainable.

The exhibition features 243 photographs taken by the architect Mr. Tomohisa Miyauchi. These images were selected from 2000 pictures taken in the last three years. The centre piece is a display of 81 beautifully customized glass lanterns almost in a form of a grid.

Each lantern features a form of the HDB building along with three photographs of Singaporeans in their ordinary homes.

All the works surround the domestic life of Singaporeans and architecture at the lowest level like public housing, small houses and apartments. In addition to these beautifully designed architectural designs, the exhibition will also show artifacts and interviews conducted by some organizations. These interviews show the domestic life of ordinary people in this modern city and also depict their ways to make their homes innovative and beautiful.

The exhibition is commissioned by DesignSingapore Council of the Ministry of Communications and Information and it is curated by the Department of Architecture at the prestigious National University of Singapore.

The pieces of architecture not only showcase the innovation of design but also show the hurdles faced by the ordinary citizens behind the scenes of modern infrastructure. The biggest challenge for them is to create a harmonious social identity with the growing modern architecture. It also aims to make people take ownership of the city and create a connection with the architecture.

The exhibition in the beautiful Italian city will run from May 28 till November 27 and can be visited by anyone interested to see creative display of architectural designs. The work from Singapore Pavillion representing Singapore will be at the Sale d’Armi building.

Singapore boasts some of the best architectural designs of the current century and its participation in the event is a showcase of Singapore’s role in the innovation of architecture. And following the theme, the architects have successfully allowed the domestic efforts to be displayed to the world. It goes to show that architecture runs in the very veins of the city and is of big importance to its citizens.