How to Utilize Space in a Small House

Making the most of whatever space you have in a small apartment requires making smart furniture choices and organizing the space well. It all begins with hiring the right architect, who will recommend the best floor plans for your space.

Leading the eye up is important in small houses, and this can be achieved with low seating and open storage. Wasted spaces like the area under the staircase can be utilized by setting up a bar or drawer-style storage. Here are some ways to utilize space when you have a small house.

Choose functional furniture

Experts suggest that almost every piece of furniture in a small house should provide storage. For instance, get a desk that transforms into a table or a couch. Instead of getting traditional seating, get storage ottomans.

Bookcases can alternate as room dividers and convertible loveseats can double up as sleepers. This is where customized furniture is useful, and you can have pieces designed according to your dimensions, requirement, and budget.

Utilize vertical space

Be it your books, plants, or clothes, it is time to use walls for storage. Often, the space between furniture tops and ceilings remains underused. The idea is to take bookcases and cabinets all the way up. However, to utilize vertical space, you need not depend on your walls. Grid towers are perfect for small bathrooms, as are Sapiens-style bookcases that hold lots of books while consuming little space.

Use the right colors

Rooms with smooth, soothing tones look more spacious than they actually are. A neutral palette can make your house’s flow feel continuous. Hues like Oriental Red help make small spaces inviting, warm, and memorable. Shades of sage can help to blend the interiors better with the surroundings outside.

However, if you want to bring warmer tones into play, opt for large windows. You can also ask your architect if you can have skylights.

Reduce clutter and organize

If you have a small house, it is crucial to keep clutter away. Knick-knacks lying here and there have a tendency to kill space, which you cannot afford when you have less area. It is not necessary to display everything, even if you have it all organized. If you really want to showcase a collection of photographs or artifacts, group them together. Use drawers, baskets, or wall storage to organize different things according to categories.

Invest in smart storage

In a small house, one cannot have the luxury of wasting space. Pantries, in the form of drawers that are a few inches long can be fit into cabinet gaps or base-cabinet openings. Likewise, for your laundry room, push your dryer and washer under a counter. and hang a folding rack for drying out clothes. Add hooks to wall mounted kitchen shelves to hang napkins.

Create illusions

Creating whatever little space you can in a small house is not enough—you must make the room bigger than it is. Consult your architect on getting a mirrored backsplash for the kitchen. Another idea is to place curtain rods very close to the ceiling and keep them wider than the window. This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.

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