5 Things Every Aspiring Architect should Know

Job prospects for would-be architects are quite promising in Singapore. And it is not hard to see why! With budget flats, luxury condos, shopping malls and multispecialty hospitals being built across the country, there are ample opportunities for architecture jobs in Singapore.

However, choosing a career only because there are many opportunities may not be a good idea. Before you decide to enter into this profession, check what drives you. Is it the work itself? Or are you seeing it as a means to fulfill your desires for a luxury lifestyle?

After all, there is a fine line between passion and fascination. If you are planning a career in architecture, here are a few things you should know about this profession.

1. Math skills matter

Not all great architects are math scholars, but they know the basics of math, at least. Some experts argue that having good math skills helps but it is not necessary. The fact remains, however, that most colleges and universities offering degree in architecture look for candidates with above average math skills. If you want to build your career in architecture, consider taking the necessary steps to improve your math skills.

2. You may not get rich quick

If you think being an architect means being rich, think again. You’ll earn a handsome salary, but that may not be enough to get rich quick. If you take a loan to complete your studies, it may take around four years to repay the loan. Most courses are expensive. Starting salary of an architect could be anywhere between S$40,000 and S$50,000. With experience, you can earn more and maintain a good lifestyle, but accumulating wealth will take some time.

3. You should continue to study

For an architect, there is no shortcut route to success. To enter into this profession, you should have at least a degree in architecture (B. Arch). Some employers even prefer candidates with a master’s degree. However, just earning a degree is not enough. Working in the field of architecture requires practical application of your knowledge. You need to learn new skills, take vocational trainings, and update yourself with industry trends throughout your career. Be prepared to continue your studies, if you want to succeed in this profession.

4. Travel around

It is also important for an architect to travel around new cities and see the great works of architecture. And you do not always need to travel to a foreign land. You can get to see several inspiring designs in your city and its outskirts. Doing a little research on the top places to visit would help you make informed decisions.

5. You should be creative and detail oriented

To be successful an architect, you should have this ability to think outside the box. While being a creative problem solver, you should also have excellent attention to detail. Behind every mind boggling works of architecture, there is hard work, perseverance, thorough attention to details. The job may seem very mundane and uninspiring at times. So make sure you have the determination and tenacity to chase your dream career.